Why a Name Gallery?

I have created this name gallery dedicated to photos, drawings, etc of Adam's name. I know this may seem silly to some who don't know what it is like to lose a child, but to a mother who deeply misses her son, seeing his name throughout the world brings a smile to my face.

If you have a living child, you will say their name countless times, see it on homework, sports/ dance programs, diplomas and are also able to take pictures of them throughout their life while they are growing up. All of this has been taken from me. This is my way to remember Adam and keep his memory alive. If you would like to add a photo to this name gallery, feel free to e-mail me at
April.Brightbill@yahoo.com. I really appreciate everything I receive!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day.  To remember the babies that have been taken to Heaven too soon, you light a candle from 7pm-8pm in their honor.  Here are the beautiful pictures that I received remembering my baby boy.  I want to thank everyone for taking the time to light a candle for Adam.  Words cannot even express how much joy these pictures brought to me!  Thank you, everyone!

Steve and I did this one for our son.

These were the candles burning at my parent's house. 

From my sister, Jennifer. 

From my wonderful cousin, Hollie! 

Taken by Grandparents!

Thank you, Allison in Arizona!

From Ashlee, Thank you!

Thank you, Candice!

Taken by Jasmine.  Thank you!

Thank you, Kat!

Thank you, Betsy!

Taken by Teresa.  Thanks!

From Laura.  Thank you!

Taken by Samantha.  Thank you!

More to add to the album

Here are a few more to add to Adam's name gallery.  I want to thank everyone for taking these pictures for me, it really means a lot to have others take the time to remember my baby boy!

Here is a picture from A Walk to Remember, LA. 

I took this on Fort Myers Beach, FL. 

Shannon, a fellow BLM, took this for me in Coronado ( San Diego, CA)


Shannon also took this one for me.

Katie, another BLM,  took this for me from Pittsburgh, PA. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What I already have...

This was made by Franchesca at http://www.hopecollage.org/

Amanda from http://namesinthestars.blogspot.com/ made this for me.  It fits so well since Adam is my "Little Star".

This was taken in Australia by Carly at http://namesinthesand.blogspot.com/

Since it costs too much to pay somebody to actually write in the sky, Heather made this for me on her computer.

I took this at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

This was taken in Egypt (yes, those are REAL Pyramids) by Sheyenne.  Sheyenne lost her beautifull daughter Whitney to Triplody earlier this year.

I took this picture on the beach in Sanibel, Florida.

My cousin, Hollie, took this for me in Arizona!  "Adam's" first picture with a doggy!

This picture was taken by a friend, Sarah, in "Old Town Square" in Prague!

Sarah also took this picture at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

My sisters, Rachel and Becca, took this for me at a baseball game in Pittsburgh!

Shannon found this for me at DisneyLand in California.  Shannon's son, Aubrey, passed away this year.

Another picture from Shannon at DisneyLand.

Sherry took this picture for me in Alberta, Canada while on a camping trip.  Sherry lost her daughter, Hannah.


Shannon also found this for me in California!

I found this while browing websites and ofcourse thought of my baby boy!

Another way to remember Adam

I am not very good with computers. I have really amazed myself that I was able to figure out how to start a blog, add pictures, music, and graphics. But I can't figure out how to add a link to make a new page dedicated to all of the photographs that I have been making and receiving for Adam's name. So...I just decided to start a new blog to post these pictures. Feel free to send me an email at April.Brightbill@yahoo.com of any pictures of Adam's name that you would like to add to his name gallery.

I know that this may seem silly to others who have not lost a child. If you have a living child, you will say your son or daughter's name many, many times throughout their life. But I have had this taken from me because many people don't want to metion Adam because it makes them feel awkward, they don't want to upset me, or others may just plain forget about him. Also, if you have a living child, you will be able to take pictures of them on your vacations. Adam will never go on a vacation with me. This is just another way of remembering my son.